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The Five Key Features of “NINJA STYLE”

1.Easy Attachment and Detachment, with Partial Removal Capability

  • The product consists of three parts: the container, bars, and canopy. For instance, when transporting items that must not get wet, the entire assembly can remain intact. For taller items, you can simply remove the bars and canopy, leaving the container in place. Once the bars and canopy are detached, they can be stored in the truck bed alongside the cargo, allowing for quick reassembly once transportation is complete.
  • The special fittings allow for easy attachment and detachment, making it simple for one adult to lift the parts. The container itself can also be quickly detached and reattached to the truck.

2.Ultra-Lightweight Yet Rigid

  • The total weight is kept around 25 kg, enabling the truck to drive as if nothing is attached (according to our company’s assessment). The frame is welded, and the panels are made of aluminum, ensuring both lightness and structural integrity.

3.Rugged Design with Functionality for Both Work and Play

  • The container features a low overall height and a “SUSHI STYLE” design, replacing the rear part with a canopy for a rugged look. This design minimizes wind resistance from the front and sides. Large polycarbonate windows are standard, enhancing side visibility.
  • The canopy’s side panels serve as the most frequently used entry and exit points for cargo, and can also function as a tent entrance. They can be closed from the inside. The rear canopy can be fully opened from the top for easy loading and unloading.
  • The canopy is custom-made by a specialty truck sheet shop in Japan, available in two versions: with windows (optional) and without. The canopy is made of durable ester canvas, and the windows use Aqua V material, known for its weather resistance, ensuring no leaks. The default canopy comes without windows; windows can be added for an extra cost or purchased separately.
  • Although the mini truck is primarily a work vehicle, removing the canopy and bars allows for crane loading from above or forklift loading from the rear. It can even serve as a workspace in the open air.

4.Compatibility with Most New Standard Mini Trucks

  • No modifications to the truck bed or the mini truck are required. It can be mounted on most mini trucks except for some specialized vehicles like panel vans and dump trucks. Note: “Iyado Gate” is required for installation on Hijet Jumbo and Super Carry models.

5.Easy Assembly and Suitable for Export (to the US and Australia); Can Be Stored When Not in Use

  • NINJA STYLE is available for nationwide shipping. If you have experience assembling flat-pack furniture and common tools, you can assemble it yourself. When not in use for an extended period, it can be disassembled and compactly stored in a shed or other storage space.

The “Iyadomo Gate” can also be used to mount a Heijet Jumbo or Super Carry!

  • By attaching the Ninja style to the Ninja gate, the Ninja style can be installed on the Hijet Jumbo/Super Carry (planned for the future).
  • The shell can be used as it is when changing mini trucks.

*Click here for price list (prices are being revised as of 2022.07)