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Let's enjoy mini truck life!
Workcation Style Ibaraki LLC


”SUSHI STYLE” and ”NINJA STYLE” is a general-purpose container for light trucks designed and developed by Ishiken Kougyou based on its know-how cultivated through 20 years of metal processing business and its experience in building various types and models of camping cars.
Workcation Style Ibaraki LLC is the exclusive distributor of ”SUSHI STYLE” and ”NINJA STYLE”.

3 Product Concepts

  • Practicality for work
    Usually, a light truck is fine. But you want a solid work space. In such cases, our shells are very useful. They are easy to attach and detach. Lightweight shells minimize the burden on light trucks, which are not necessarily powerful.

  • Hobbies that cater to the playful spirit
    The space that serves as a work area during work can be loaded with plenty of room for play equipment. It could be used as a bedroom instead of a tent, or even your own secret base. A wonderful space is created where you can enjoy yourself to the fullest with your free ideas. You can also use the wall frames to customize the space to your own taste. Enjoy playing to the fullest.

  • Design features that add color to everyday life
    It is difficult to drive after loading containers, or it is very usable but looks too much…. In addition to practical aspects such as securing visibility to avoid problems in daily usability, we have also devised the appearance of the container by selecting the color of the container panels and customizing the interior. Whether for work, play, or everyday use, this is a vehicle that you will want to use more. You will want to use it more. Our goal was to create a design that makes every day exciting.

”SUSHI STYLE” and ”NINJA STYLE” is a container that can be used for work, play, and of course, everyday life.
We are proud that our products are container that can be used in all scenes.

Two types of containers are available for customers to choose from according to their usage scenario.

SUSHI STYLE : SUSHI STYLE is a lightweight shell that covers the entire cargo bed.
It covers the entire cargo bed with its full legal size, and the roof pops up to create a vast space.
This product can be used for a variety of purposes in the multipurpose space permanently installed on the cargo bed.

NINJA STYLE : NINJA STYLE covers the entire cargo bed with an ultra-lightweight short container + top.
The product is characterized by its wild design, which looks like a tent permanently installed on the cargo bed.

We offer a wide variety of options for each type of truck. We would be more than happy to make your light truck life better.

Let´s Enjoy ¨Mini Truck¨! LIFE!