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Insurance and Coverage


Our rental vehicles are covered by an insurance and compensation system as outlined in the table below. However, any costs exceeding the limits of the optional insurance, incidents falling under the exclusions of the insurance policy, accidents violating the rental car agreement, or cases where a police accident report cannot be obtained will be the responsibility of the customer.

Insurance DetailsCoveragePer-Accident Deductible & Compensation Amount (Customer’s Responsibility)
Bodily Injury InsuranceUnlimited¥100,000 per accident
Property Damage InsuranceUnlimited¥100,000 per accident
Passenger Insurance (Personal Injury Insurance)¥30,000,000 per passenger¥100,000 per accident
Vehicle CompensationActual Cash Value¥100,000 per accident

Non-Operation Charge (NOC) – Compensation for Business Interruption

The Non-Operation Charge (NOC) is a fee charged to the customer when an accident, theft, breakdown, contamination, vehicle maintenance damage, or seat burn occurs during the rental period, requiring repair or cleaning of the vehicle. This fee compensates for the business interruption during the repair or cleaning period and is the responsibility of the customer, as it is not due to the company’s fault.

If drivable (and returned to our company)¥150,000
If not drivable*¥300,000
    *Distance up to 50 km from the scheduled return location. For distances over 50 km, an additional ¥10,000 will be charged for every 10 km.