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What’s ”SUSHI STYLE Take”

“SUSHI STYLE Take” – Six Key Features

Please note that “SUSHI STYLE Take” is a model exclusively designed for the Daihatsu Hijet.

1.Transforms into Three Configurations

  • The most notable feature of the Sushi Style is its pop-up roof. In its standard form (left photo), the roof is closed. When you need more space to relax at a campsite or to work on the truck bed, the roof can be expanded (center photo). Additionally, for those who want to enjoy the view from the cargo area or use the Sushi Style as a kitchen car or for mobile sales, a side roof can be deployed (right photo) for convenient transactions with customers.
    These three configurations can be easily transformed as needed.
  • Easy installation with dedicated hardware. The mounting and removal can be done by a single person by attaching the specialized adjustable frame to the four points on the main shell.

2.Expansive Space Compliant with Japan’s Revised Road Traffic Law (May 2022)

  • The pop-up mechanism not only expands the vertical space (from 1160mm when the pop-up roof is not deployed to 2000mm when deployed), but also extends the container by 10% on each side and at the rear, in compliance with Japan’s revised Road Traffic Law. This results in an increased overall width from 1410mm to 1720mm and an extended bed length from 1650mm to 1960mm, providing a space that feels significantly larger than the numbers suggest.
  • Additionally, it is designed to maximize the use of the storage space under the cab of the Hijet Jumbo. The bed floor length is also secured at 1960mm.

3.Lightweight and Durable Construction

  • Despite being a full-container type that extends to the floor, the weight increase is kept to just 128 kg (product weight of 152 kg minus the 24 kg weight of the three-way opening), ensuring that the vehicle does not feel heavy during operation.
  • The frame features a welded structure, and the panels are made from aluminum composite material, providing high durability for long-term use.

4.Stylish Design and Functionality

  • The container features a unique, stylish design with a lower overall height in its standard configuration, and a rear section that slopes upwards from the end of the cargo bed, reducing wind resistance. This design not only looks sleek but also improves aerodynamics.
  • Even when the roof is not deployed, sufficient interior height is maintained. When the roof is expanded, it creates a spacious area that can be used for camping, workspaces, mobile sales, or as a kitchen car, depending on the parking location.
  • The container comes equipped with standard left-side (passenger side) and rear windows, ensuring clear side and rear visibility.
  • For convenient loading and unloading of cargo, it includes standard upper and lower side-opening doors on the driver’s side.
  • The roof features windows for natural light when expanded, providing ample brightness during the day without the need for additional lighting.

5.Zero Additional Costs(Exclusive for Use in Japan

  • As the main body is considered cargo, you can continue to use your vehicle with a Class 4 license plate. No modifications to the cargo bed or mini-truck are required, though the standard three-sided drop-down panels of the mini-truck need to be removed.
  • There are no extra costs involved.

6.Unique Features of the Hijet Jumbo Exclusive Model

  • You can access the maintenance hole even when the container is mounted!
  • The space under the cabin is also utilized to its fullest potential!
  • The upward-cut tail end (kesagiri tail) ensures:
    No impact on the Smart Assist system (be mindful of the extended rear section)
    No obstruction of the digital inner mirror
  • An optional loft bed, specifically designed for the “Take” model, is also available.
    and more…