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Let's enjoy mini truck life!
Workcation Style Ibaraki LLC


The Company specializes in mini trucks.

company nameWorkcation Style Ibaraki LLC
Head Office Address726-2 Aoyado, Ami-cho, Inashiki-gun, Ibaraki, Japan
Sales Office Address4019-5 Ushiwata, Kasumigaura-shi, Ibaraki, Japan
BusinessMini camper rental and leasing business (Japan only)
Mini camper accessory rental and leasing business (Japan only)
Sales of aftermarket parts for mini campers
Used mini camper for sale
Planning and execution of mini camper events(Japan only)
All businesses incidental or related to the above
representativeKenji Ishikawa
Hidemitsu Kondo
EstablishmentApril 1, 2022

Representative Introduction and Our Goals

Thank you for visiting our website.

One of our representatives, Mr. Ishikawa, runs a metal product manufacturing company, Ishiken Kogyo, separately from WSI, and designs and manufactures “Sushi Style” and “Ninja Style” general-purpose containers for light trucks, which are sold by WSI. We are working hard to improve and evolve our products on a daily basis while enjoying life with a “light camper” by putting all the know-how we have gained through over 20 years of metal product manufacturing in our hometown of Ibaraki.

The other representative, Kondo, like Ishikawa, also runs an IT company, “iForce,” separate from WSI. He works mainly in Ibaraki and Nagano, and practices “Sushi Style” and “Ninja Style” working style. Like Ishikawa, I joined WSI because I see great potential in using a “micro-camper” for work and play.

At WSI, we were established with the purpose of promoting the appeal of mini-truck campers, proposing a workation style that balances work and leisure, and introducing the local area of Ibaraki (mainly around Lake Kasumigaura and southern Ibaraki). Our founders met through a shared interest in containers for mini-trucks.

We offer camping containers for light trucks that are tough, nimble, and ideal for small group activities, while also being suitable for everyday use.

We hope that many people will visit Ibaraki and enjoy both work and leisure.