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“NINJA STYLE” 5 points of commitment

1.Easy detachment! Partial detachment is also possible

  • NINJA STYLE consists of three parts: container + bar + top. For example, when carrying cargo that should not get wet, all the parts are installed. When carrying tall cargo, for example, you can use the container as it is without unloading it by simply removing the top and bars. The removed bar and top can be placed on the cargo bed together with the cargo…and the bar and top will be back in place in no time when the cargo is finished being transported.
  • The special hardware makes it easy to install and remove, and one adult can easily lift it off. The container can be easily detached and returned to the mini truck.

2.Ultra lightweight! But with firm rigidity

  • Weighing only 55.12 lb, it runs as if nothing is attached (in our opinion).
  • The frame is welded construction. Panels are made of aluminum.

3.Wild design and functionality for both play and work

  • The overall height of the container is reduced, and the rear end of the SUSHI STYLE container is replaced by the top for a wild design. The low overall height and boldly cut rear design minimizes wind resistance not only from the front but also from the sides.
  • Large polycarbonate windows are provided as standard equipment to ensure side visibility.
  • Both sides of the top are the most frequently used cargo entry/exit points, and also serve as human entrances when the tent is used as a tent. It is designed so that it can be tightened from the inside. Of course, it is also possible to carry in and out from the back, or from the top if the top is turned up as far as possible.
  • The tops are custom-made by a truck seat specialist. We offer two types of canopies, one with a window (*) and the other without a window. The tops are made of ester canvas, and the windows are made of Aqua-V, which is also used for ships and has excellent weather resistance. Of course, they will not leak in the rain. The standard is without windows. Windows are available as an optional extra or can be purchased separately.
  • Light trucks are work vehicles. If you remove the top and bars, you can use a crane from above, and if you fold down the back of the gable, you can use a forklift to load cargo.

4.Zero cost (based on tax and legal system in Japan), supports many mini trucks

  • The unit is treated as a load, so it can be driven as a 4 license plate.
  • No modification to the cargo bed or light truck is required. Except for some models such as Super Carry and Heizet Jumbo, it is possible to install it. We are planning to add these models in the future.
  • No extra money is required.

5.Easy assembly, ready for export (U.S. only)! Can be stored in a shed when not in use for long periods of time

  • NINJA STYLE is available for export (U.S. only). *Customs and shipping charges are the responsibility of the buyer.
  • If you have experience in assembling furniture, you can assemble it by yourself as long as you have the general tools.
  • When not in use for a while, you can disassemble the furniture and store it in a compact space, such as a storage room.

The “Iyadomo Gate” can also be used to mount a Heijet Jumbo or Super Carry!

  • By attaching the Ninja style to the Ninja gate, the Ninja style can be installed on the Hijet Jumbo/Super Carry (planned for the future).
  • The shell can be used as it is when changing mini trucks.

*Click here for price list (prices are being revised as of 2022.07)