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Let's enjoy mini truck life!
Workcation Style Ibaraki LLC

Introduction to Car Rentals

We offer rental cars equipped with the following styles: SUSHI STYLE Bamboo, SUSHI STYLE Plum, and NINJA STYLE.

Currently, we are conducting a trial operation with only one vehicle in the ‘SUSHI STYLE Ume’.


Currently under preparation.


*All photos are of new cars.

Vehicle Information
Model NameCARRY
Model”NOUHAN” Special
Drive SystemPart-time 4WD
Safety FeaturesSafety Support
Additional FeaturesWinter studless tires (December to March)
All photos are of new cars.
Vehicle Equipmen
Display AudioUse your smartphone as a car navigation system. We provide one cable each for iPhone and Android. Your phone will charge while in use.
ETC(1.0)mooth passage on highways. Please use your own ETC card.
Dash CameraEquipped with front and rear dash cameras. The rear camera also functions as a digital rearview mirror.
*Please refer to the section below labeled ‘Options’ for additional features.
SUSHI STYLE Ume Standard Equipment
Insulated Paint and Wood Grain Pop-Up Triangular Roof
((Passenger Side) Two-tiered expandable roof)
Small windows: One on each side (front and back), two medium windows on the right side
One small window on the front of the shell
Lockable side door on the driver’s side of the shell
One small window and one sliding screen
One medium window on the rear left side for rearward visibility (passenger side)
Lockable back door with a large window for rearward visibility
Wood grain interior and three perforated boards inside the shell
Internal and external power supply in the shell
Front mounted folding table inside the shell
*Please refer to the section below labeled ‘Options’ for additional features.

Currently under preparation.

Car WiFi
USB Charger
Pocketalk S
Sushi Style Dedicated Bed
Inflatable Mattress (8 cm thick)
Four-season Sleeping Bag
Electric Blanket (Heated Blanket) ★
Small LED Lantern
Large LED Lantern
Portable Power Supply (1,500Wh class)
Car Refrigerator ★
Microwave ★
IH Stove (single burner) ★
Camping Chairs
Camping Table
Lantern Hanger
Tarp (suitable for two people)
Fire Pit
★Items can only be used with the portable power supply or when using an external power source. Other options include both new and reused items.