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Let's enjoy mini truck life!
Workcation Style Ibaraki LLC

About the Workation Style Ibaraki Car Rental Service

Important Notice : Please note that our rental car service is available only within Japan. We invite you to use it for sightseeing during your visit to Japan. Our rental vehicles are uniquely outfitted with camping shells on Japan’s distinctive kei trucks, offering a rare and memorable experience. Why not make it a part of your Japanese travel memories?

Thank you for your interest in Workation Style Ibaraki’s car rental service. Our service primarily caters to domestic and international customers with the following interests:

  • Those interested in the “SUSHI STYLE” or “NINJA STYLE” models who would like to test drive them first.
  • Those who want to embark on a long-term sightseeing trip within Ibaraki Prefecture (or beyond) with “SUSHI STYLE” or “NINJA STYLE” as their travel companion.

We hope you have a wonderful journey with our “SUSHI STYLE” or “NINJA STYLE” models as your partner.